Happy healthy chocolate mousse

Let me start with one of my favorite recipes: chocolate mousse!


Chocolate is my guilty pleasure!
Luckily this chocolate mousse is healthy and it contributes to your daily portion of fresh fruit and vegetables.
It’s an awesome recipe to surprise your guests after a dinnerparty, but I have to admit that’s it’s often on my menu as breakfast!

Ingredients (1 portion)
* half an avocado
* juice of 1 or 2 oranges
* 1 banana
* (raw) cacaopowder
* pinch of cayennepeper
* 1 tbsp hempseeds

Put all the ingredients, except the hempseeds, in a measuringcup and use a handmixer to make it into a creamy and silky smoothie. Spoon it into a nice glass or bowl and sprinkle the hempseeds on top!
My handmixer has earned a prominent place in my kitchen. It helps me to make the best smoothies, smuices and soups in an instance! I can say, with certainty, that it’s my most often used kitchen device and I recommend getting one if you don’t own one yet!



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