How it all started…

Food and health have always played an important role in my life. Today I’ll take you with me on my personal quest to good and healthy eating and living.

As a teenager I loved everything about food and especially the bad things! In the school canteen we often found our way to the candy machine to score some potato chips or a candybar and the main drink was coca cola. No wonder I struggled with my weight as a teenager!

To be able to change we first have to feel the ‘pain’ or burden of something ourselves. At a point I had enough of my ‘fatty body’ and I felt the urgency to change things, the beginning of my quest. I started with eliminating the softdrinks and started counting calories. I lost a significant amount of weight and learned a lot about food, nutrition and health.

Eventually I lost the excess kilograms and, except a few small ups and downs here and there, I lost them permanently. Unfortunately I still suffered with constipation and bloating quite often. My quest went on…

In the meantime I read about a lot of diets and lifestyles; low-fat, low-calorie, lowcarb, hormone balancing, Atkins, South Beach, sugarfree, glutenfree, dairyfree, vegan, paleo, rawfood..

As a teacher and pedagogue I am confronted with all the big changes in our world and society every day. A lot has changed in the last decades and the world is still changing rapidly. The (technical) developments are going so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them. What you knew yesterday is old news today!
These fast developments have their repercussions on our nutrition and diet; these have changed rapidly as well! Take a look around at your local supermarket. The shelves are loaded with manufactured foods, the origin hardly recognizable or not recognizable at all and stuffed with E-numbers.


I wonder how well our bodies are able to process those products and whether it is able to extract enough nutrients out of those highly processed foods.
I have my doubts about it and I believe our body is made to process ‘natural food’. Our food is the fuel of our internal engine and we all want that engine to run as long as possible and as smooth as possible. Then the fuel we put into that engine needs to be of good quality! You wouldn’t put diesel into a gasoline-engine, right?

Our ancestors didn’t buy bread or canned milk at the local supermarket. Let alone they bought bags of potato chips, candy or bottles of softdrinks! They ate the things that nature gave them at that moment in time.
Back to our roots and getting back in touch with our own body and need have become the assumptions of my lifestyle.

In daily life that means that my nutrition consists largely of (fresh) vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs and germs/sprouts. Moderate with animal products (dairy, eggs, meat and fish) and as clean from refined sugar as possible.
Difficult? Not for me. I’ve never had a more tasteful and more varied diet before in my life!



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