Raw granola

It’s springtime and summer is on it’s way here in Holland! Temperatures are quite high for this time of the year and the sun is sending it’s golden rays down on us! I’m loving it and i’m trying to spend as much time outside as I can!

Did you know we need the light of the sun to produce vitamin D? Try to go outside for a while everyday and absorb those beams of sunlight!


Spring and summer doesn’t only mean sun, but it’s also the time of different fruit and veggies. For example the white asparagus! Can’t wait to get a bunch of those and turn them into a powerful and tasty soup! Or to use them into a refreshing salad.

Another summertime beauty is the strawberrie! Here in the Netherlands they are called ‘zomerkoninkje’ (little king of summer), perfect name in my opinion! I love the natural sweetness of strawberries that have grown in full soil, they taste so much better then their brothers and sisters that have grown in the greenhouse!

I can’t wait to make this lovely granola and make it shine together with loads of fresh strawberries!


how it’s made
For the granola you need a variety of nuts and seeds. I used pecannuts, hazelnuts, sunflowerseeds and pumpkinseeds for example. I think walnuts or almonds would do the trick as well! Besides the nuts and seeds I add some chopped dates. I grind everything with a foodprocessor until it has a fine consistency but still has some crunch in it.

You can pair the granola with any fruit you like, but it just tastes sooooo awesome with strawberries!
In the picture above I added the raw granola to some chopped strawberries and almondmilk.
Another option is to blend strawberries and a banana (optional; add some mint leaves as well!) together to a ‘fruityoghurt’ and to sprinkle the granola on top.
It makes you a fresh and super savoury breakfast!




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