Pizza without regrets

Who doesn’t love a good pizza once in a while? I’m not talking about the store bought and deepfrozen version, but the real Italian style pizza. Fresh from the oven, richly covered with the topping of your preference and coated with a good amount of melted cheese. Delicious if you ask me, but not the healthiest choice…

Definately not the healthiest choice since I try to decrease the intake of dairy products (bye bye melted cheese) and wheatproducts (Uhmm pizza without wheat, that’s just tomatosauce, right?).
Time to try something new!

I made a pizza-style dish with buckwheat flour and a sauce made of fresh cherrytomatoes, sundried tomatoes and pesto, I topped it all of with fresh arugola for a spicy bite.
I was pleasantly surprised with the result of this ‘pizza without regrets’ and it’s super easy to make!


what do you need?
for the ‘pizza dough’:
* about 50 grams of buckwheat flour
* water
* olive oil

for the sauce:
* handful of cherry tomatoes
* about 4 sundried tomatoes
* tsp pesto (green or red, to taste)
* salt and pepper, to taste

topping (optional)
* arugola
* olives (chopped)
* onion (chopped)
* …. Anything else you like, be creative!

let’s get started!
First we make the pizza base by adding just a little bit of water (and a pinch of seasalt) to the buckwheatflour and kneed it to a firm ball of dough. Just add a little bit of water at the time, add a little more if necessary.
Set aside while you make the sauce and preheat the oven (180 Degrees Celsius).
To make the sauce you put all the ingredients in a foodproccessor and mix it into a paste/sauce.
Back to the dough! Divide it into two equal pieces and firm into two small pizza’s and put them on a bakingsheet. Cover with a little bit of olive oil and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. They remain quite flat like crackers but become a bit crunchy after the baking proces.
Put some of the sauce on the pizza’s and put on the toppings of your preference!

Serve with a side salad and enjoy!

Love E


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