Let’s Work-out!

To me a healthy lifestyle is not just about (healthy) food. It’s also about being/feeling happy and living healthy & happy in the widest sense! One important component to a happy and healthy lifestyle, to me,  is being active!

The human body is made to move! We can move ourselves around on our feet and we can use our hands and arms to manipulate the world surrounding us.  Being active and being in motion keeps our joints flexible, strengthens the bones, boosts your immunesystem and bloodcirculation and activates the digestion. Working-out also has a positive effect to your night’s rest and most of all: It’s FUN!

I like to work-out on a regular basis, but in the rush of everyday life it’s not always easy to find the time to train! I play volleybal in a team and we train 2 times a week and play a match on saturdays. Besides volleybal I like to go out for a run and do some additional strength training (such as HIIT circuits or ‘bootcamp’ exercises). When running my main goal is not the speed or the distance but it’s the fact that I AM doing it! It’s also about relaxation: your feet hitting the pavement, step by step, your breathing, it’s like meditation!


Finding something you like to do is very important in my opinion. If you don’t like the activity, you won’t carry on with it for too long. But if you’re not ‘the sporty-kind’, don’t give up too easily! Probably it’ll be very hard at first, but after a while you might like it 😉
First think about what kind of activity you need and why do you need it? Are you a little heavy, maybe a little slow? Nothing wrong with getting a little sweaty and to get that heartbeat up! Are you feeling restless, uninspired or tired? Do something stimulating, intensive and activating such as dancing, running, cycling, or a HIIT training! Are you feeling stressed? Do something calming and with attention for the respiration, such as yoga, jogging or walking. Find something that suits you!


Interested in running? Take a look at these lovely blogs by two Dutch girls: girlontherun.nl  & runninglau.com
Looking for some active work-0uts you can easily do at home? Take a look at the next page: Bodyrock.tv
Or install the Nike Training Club app on your smart phone!
Want to go out for a run? I’m using an app on my mobile phone to track my distance and speed: Nike+ (English) or Looptijden.nl (Dutch)


What’s your favorite type of sport? And what’s the main reason you work-out? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



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