Strawberrie Smuice

It’s strawberrie season here in the Netherlands and the strawberries are DE-LI-CIOUS!! Naturally sweet and super juicy, what’s not to love?! While working in the kitchen preparing my aspargus soup for dinner and for tomorrow’s lunch, I was getting a little hungry. To satisfy this craving I made myself an easy strawberrie smuice! Together with a little handful of mixed nuts I have enough power and energy until dinner!

For this smuice I not only use fresh strawberries, I also add some leaves of fresh mint. I love using (fresh)  herbs in smoothies and smuices! They can give it just that extra ‘oemph’! And it is said that fresh herbs have all kinds of positive medicinal effects. Mint for example is said to help against nausea, against cramps, headaches, etc.  It also gives a refreshing taste and stimulates a fresh breath. Good reasons to throw in some of those fresh herbs!


Strawberrie Smuice

  • 150 Grams of (fresh) strawberries
  • Juice of 1 large orange (or 2 smaller oranges)
  • 6-8 Leaves of fresh mint

Put all the ingredients in a cup and use a handmixer to blend it into a delicious smuice!


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