Happiness is Homemade

A healthy lifestyle is not just about eating clean and doing sports. To me a healthy lifestyle is about feeling good, happiness and fun as well! And is being happy not something we all strive for…? But what is happiness, when are we feeling happy and how can we improve our own happiness?
Happiness has been a big part of my study in the field of positive psychology and from the first lecture on I was intrigued by this subject. From that moment on I wanted to know more about this and it made me rethink my own life, my expectations about it and it made me think about the things that make me happy. I have to say it really changed the way I’m living my life and I’m feeling happier than ever before!

Being happy, it sounds so simple but in practice we often find ourselves rushing through our lives, worrying about expectations that we have about ourselves or expectations that others have about us. We find ourselves living in a world that moves and changes so fast it’s sometimes hard to keep up with. We worry about the way we look and about what others might think about us, we worry about our carreer (am I succesfull, do I make a lot of money, what’s my status?), oh and in the meantime we also have to be happy!
Sometimes I have the feeling that it’s almost a ‘must’ to be ‘succesfull’ and to have a great carreer and  that we ‘must’ be happy all the time. That you ‘have’ to travel the world to get the best out of your life and that you ‘need’ the latest and newest gadgets to be interesting… It seems like it’s all about stress, achieving, status, materialism… And on top of that a lot of insecurities…

joyintheordinaryI think we are much happier if we ‘simplify‘ our lifes,  focus more on satisfaction and be more Mindful. Living in the moment: the here and now!
In the following part I’ll share my view on happiness and I’ll share some awesome and simple tips with you that can make you feel happier!

♥ Do I need a lot of stuff to be happy? No I don’t! Actually, a new gadget is fun for a while and might make you feel happy but that happiness is only for a while.. The gadget gets old, a newer models comes out or you just get used to it and the happiness fades. You need a new gadget to make you happy again and you find yourself trapped in a vicious circle.. Be selective and choose the things that really add something to your life! Do you really need a big ass-wide-screen television for that one hour a day you watch it? Do you really need a fancy coffeemachine for that one cup of coffee in the morning or can a simple french press suffice? Instead get rid of unnecessary stuff and invest in the relationships with the people surrounding you!

♥ Live in the moment, not in your thoughts! Your live is here and now so be aware of the here and now and enjoy it! Use your senses and be aware of what you feel, do, see, breathe, taste, etc. and appreciate it! Of course there’s nothing wrong with dreaming once in a while or remembering things, but if you’re living in your thoughts too much life will pass you by and you’ll forget to enjoy it!

♥ Show your gratitude and appreciation! Whining causes negative energy, in you and in your environment! By whining you make yourself less happy, but also the people surrounding you. So stop whining! Having a problem? Not happy about something? Change it! Can’t change it? Stop whining, accept it and make the best of it! Focus on the good things in life and be grateful for that! Count your blessings, try to think of one thing you’re grateful for every day!

♥ Focus on the things that give you satisfaction! Do I need a great carreer and earn a lot of money to be happy? No I don’t! Of course, money is nice and you need some of it to live my life, but do I need a lot more than that? Nothing wrong with a good carreer it that is what gives you satisfaction. But if your job only gives you stress and worries, does the money you make with it compensate for that? Personally I prefer a job that satisfies me and gives me joy and pleasure. As long as I earn enough money to live my life, I’m happy with that!

♥ Invest in relaxation and calmness; meditate, do sports, keep a diary, go for a walk, go to a sauna, dance, chat with friends, draw, play… You’ll be at your best when feeling relaxed, it improves creativity, friendlyness, productivity and inspiration!

Don’t take life too seriously! The world will turn round and round anyway… It’s good to see things in perspective once in a while!


What makes you happy? What are you grateful for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Happiness is Homemade

  1. This is beautifully written and I love the way you express about being truly happy. I completely agree that finding happiness in everything around you is beneficial for our mind, body, and soul.

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