Breakfast Inspiration: Soy yoghurt with fruits and nuts

Just a quick post with some breakfast inspiration!


Soy yoghurt with one chopped pear, a handful of fresh blueberries, a small amount of chopped nuts (pecans and walnuts) and a spoonful of ‘superfood’ mixture of gojiberries, cranberries, mulberries and Incaberries.

With breakfast and lunch I try to avoid animal products, such as meat and dairyproducts because they are quite hard to digest. Most often I have a breakfast based on fruit and for lunch I often take a salad or a vegetable soup with me. Once in a while I crave for a ‘yoghurt-like’ dish in the morning! Instead of a regular yoghurt I prefer a plantbased soy yoghurt! But because it’s plantbased does not automatically mean it’s super healthy! Remind yourself that soy yoghurt is also a processed food, so I advice you to not use it everyday. But, as many things in life, moderation is best!


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