Marikenloop 2014

I’ve been such an idiot! I signed up for a 5k-run (Marikenloop at Nijmegen) last sunday. Saturday I was rushing around at home and while being busy with everything and nothing at the same time I bumped my feet against the door post… Really hard… Since when was that door post there?? Uhmm like forever…?

To make a long story short: I could hardly get in my boots and walking was a disaster! Tried to cool it with an icepack and kept my feet up high, hoping that I would be able to run 5k the next day. Toe coloured into a lovely shade of red, blue and purple.

With some sportstape and a little patience I managed to get into my runningshoes. Walking was still a little painful at firts, but after a short warming-up I dared to start the race. I finished the 5k run in a time of 32:56 minutes. Not my fastest time and not the time I hoped for. But considering the bruised toe and the warm weather that day I actually was quite happy with that result! In advance I had my doubts wether I would be able to start at all!

Hopefully the bruising will heal soon enough so I can go out for another run and do my exercises!



2 thoughts on “Marikenloop 2014

    1. Haha ja zeker auw! 😉 Loop nu nog steeds mank, dikke voorvoet en mooi blauw. Gek genoeg had ik er tijdens het rennen veel minder last van. Nu nog maar even rustig aan, koelen en zo veel mogelijk met het pootje omhoog.

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