Paprika Boats

I always try to make meals starring veggies. Why wait with eating veggies until dinner while you can also have them for lunch? It’s said that you have to eat at least 200 grams of vegetables a day, but many researches are coming back to that conclusion and say it should be closer to 500 grams instead of 200 grams! That’s a big difference and I think many people hardly eat the recommended 200 grams, let alone they ever come close to 500 grams!

Personally I’m always very aware of the amount of veggies I eat every day and I start to incorporate them in my daily diet as soon as possible! I often have some veggies for breakfast (for example with some spinach or andive in a green smoothie) and I definately add veggies to my lunch! This can be as a soup based on vegetables, as a salad or as some raw ‘snack’ veggies .

Today I had some left-over Ricotta from dinner the other day. The fresh taste of ricotta goes really well with some raw vegetable such as cucumber and paprika, which I also had left in stock. I just added some more flavour to the ricotta with some fresh parsley, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt and pepper. I made filled paprika ‘boats’ and ricecrackers with ricottaspread and cucumber.


Paprika boats

Add 2 heaping tbsp of ricotta to a bowl and add some fresh, chopped parsley, a squeeze of lemonjuice and a pinch of black pepper and salt. This is the ricottaspread for the ricecrackers. Just add some slices of cucumber and you’re done! For the ricotta-filling for the paprika boats I added pieces of cucumber to the rest of the spread. Take a 5-6 cm piece of cucumber and divide in half over the length of the cucumber. Remove the seeds using a spoon. First cut the cucumber in small strips and then cut the strips into cubes. Add to the ricottaspread-mixture and mix well. Cut a paprika in half (I used a sweet paprika) and remove the seeds. Fill with the ricotta filling.

Because I only had a small piece of cucumber left I cut this into slices and added them to the dish, with nothing more than a pinch of black pepper.




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