Lemon Love and Sporty Magazines

I’m working on my own sports and health plan for a fitter and healthier body (and mind!); healthy living is eating right but also doing regular exercise! Let me share some thoughts with you about running and additional exercises. I’ll reward you with my Lemon Love recipe 😉

A while ago I started running and it’s true what they say; running is addictive! I love going outside for my runs and I recently signed up for 3 races throughout this year. Joining a race is so much fun! You get in touch with other runners, get to share experiences and the fact that it’s a ‘race’ gives you a rush and the power to go that little faster than usual!

But only running, or doing the same thing all the time is not challenging for your body (and chances are you get bored). First of all it’s important to bring some variation into your runs: try different types of running such as interval training (running on high speed intersperesed with recovery moments on your regular running speed) or running up and down hills for example.
Also try different types of exercise; go out for a swim or a cycling trip once a week instead of running! This way you address different muscles and it prevents you from Getting bored of your workouts!
Another way to bring some variation to your exercises is to incorporate some bootcamp in your workout! Some stairs alone your run? Run them up and down a few times in different ways! A bench? Time for some tricep dips! Of course you can always enter a bunch of burpees to your workout! Be creative, use your environment and challenge yourself!

Take a look on the internet for some exercise or buy yourself a sportsmagazine for inspiration!
Bodyrock.tv is a website with loads of Hiit-workouts or download the Nike Training App!


Lemon Love
A lovely, lemony smoothie recipe! I like lemon on warm days because it’s refreshing and gives you a little ‘kick’.
For this smoothie I used a handful of (soaked) cashews which, together with the lemon, gives to smoothie a lemon cheesecake-kind of flavour!
The oats in this smoothie give you a saturated feeling and makes it suitable for breakfast.


* handful of soaked cashews (let them soak overnight if you want this to be your breakfast)
* 2 or 3 heaping spoons of oats
* one banana
* 200 ml of almondmilk (or any other type of milk of your preference)
* juice of 2 fresh lemons (or 1 lemon, 1 lime)

Put all the ingredients into a blender or use a handmixer to mix it all into a creamy smoothie.


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