Having fun in the sun! (Stay healthy while on holiday)


I’m writing this post while sunbathing and gazing around at the beach. Who doesn’t love to go on a holiday? Exploring new places, enjoying the sun and having fun at the beach or in the pool! To many people the holidays are also a time of too much ‘good’ food, too many drinks and a lack of exercise. All resulting in gaining weight during the holidays. This holiday my goal was to enjoy to the MAX; doing things I like! But I also wanted to keep an eye on my diet, because working towards a healthy body is what makes me happy as well!
Learn how I tried to stay healthy while on my (short but lovely!) holiday at Gran Canaria!

We are staying in an ‘All Inclusive’ hotel, which means we can have all the drinks we like all day long. When I take a look around I see many people having softdrinks all day or starting with a large beer at eleven in the morning…
This holiday I ask myself; do alcoholic drinks make my holiday better? The answer is no. I feel better when I have a glass of water regularly during the day and I limited myself to 1 or 2 Mojito’s in the evening. I banned softdrinks a long time ago. It’s mostly sugar and doesn’t provide any nutrients; so why drinking it?

Most all inclusive hotels offer a dinner buffet with loads of food! Risk is you want to try it all and at the end of your round through the buffet your plate is loaded!
To avoid this I first take a look a what is being served and make a round without a plate. Then I go around for a second time and take only the things I really like! I make sure I take small portions and that about half of the plate are veggies. Most buffets have a salad corner where you can assemble your own salad! Just a little olive oil and your done! Don’t Forget those veggies!!

I must confess, this holiday is a lazy one! Spending most of our day at the beach or near the pool. But the beach is Great for some beachvolleybal (together or with a group if there are more people interested)! Wait until the hottest moments of the day are over of find a place with some shade.
I brought my running gear with me this holiday and made an evening run down the boulevard. Unfortunately I still suffer from an injury so I have to keep it at that one run, but it doesn’t stop me from making a long walk or a swim at the pool!

A few ideas to keep yourself a little active during your holidays:
* Take a walk at the beach (wait until the sun goes down and you’ll get a Pretty sunset as a reward! Or go early in the morning), the boulevard, the forest… Depending on your holiday destination! You can walk everywhere!! Just don’t Forget to pack a good pair of shoes!
* Hire a bike and go for a ride! Get a map of the environment and plan a route!
* Go for a swim in the pool.
* Maybe there’s a gym at the hotel? And why not do some exercises at the beach, or your hotel room if you don’t want people to see you 😉 there are many exercises you can do without equipment.



One thought on “Having fun in the sun! (Stay healthy while on holiday)

  1. Goed bezig Eef!!
    Ik ben ook daar geweest een jaar of 5 geleden. Heerlijk eiland! Ook ik moest me toen trouwens aan een dieet houden omdat ik heel veel last had van mijn buik in die tijd, gaat best op vakantie als je je best ervoor doet!

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