Sweet Spinach Smoothie and about 801010.

There are so many different ‘diets’/food-lifestyles out there and they all claim to be the most healthy and beneficial. They also claim there’s a lot scientific research confirming those statements. Unfortunately those studies often are very unreliable, not well-constructed or the conclusions drawn are incorrect. Often you see that research is biased because it’s funded by some food company. Of course the company desires a certain outcome and it’s really not that hard to manipulate the construction of a studie into the direction of that desired outcome. What we need is independent and objective research to what it is that we humans need to live healthy. But in the meantime -will there ever be such research..?- we have to find our way through the existing literature and use our common sense.

Today I came across the ’80-10-10′ lifestyle. This lifestyle stands for a fruit-based diet, complemented with (mostly raw) vegetables and some nuts and seeds (Looooaddddssss of banana’s!), based on what humans ate before we had agriculture. Of course the stories of people following this diet are overwhelming and fantastic! The 801010-ers have lost a considerable amount of weight and see drastic changes in things such as their hair and skin. Of course accompanied by some fabulous before-and-after photo’s…

I’m always a little skeptical when reading such things: I’d like to know what and how much those people ate before, what was their exercise routine -did they have any at all?- before and after? On the other hand I’m curious; is it healthy to eat mainly fruit? What about all the sugars you consume by eating that much fruit…? It’s often said that too much sugars (even if their from fruit) isn’t good for you, right? But who says that’s true…? But it sounds logical as well, back to our roots and looking what our ancestors ate… Conclusion: It’s all quite confusing!

When using my own ‘common sense’ I think it’s best to eat as natural as possible, something you also see in this 801010 lifestyle! Inspired by this 801010 lifestyle I made myself a HUGE green smoothie for lunch, made of raw vegetables and FRUIT! It was yummy, it was saturating without feeling bloated and ‘stuffed’. It was energizing and it was nutricious!

What do I take with me into my own lifestyle?

  • Eating mainly plantbased
  • Eating even less animal products and processed products
  • More research to what humans were ‘designed’ for to eat
  • Inspirations for smoothies!


Sweet Spinach Smoothie

  • 2 handsful of fresh spinach
  • 200 ml coconut/mango water (I used Healthy People Coconut Water with Mango)
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • half an avocado
  • 5 cm of cucumber
  • cup of water (if desired)

Add the spinach and coconut water to the blender and blend until smooth (you might have to use the pulse option on your blender, or tear the spinach leaves into smaller bits to process more easily). Next, add the cucumber, avocado and bananas and blend again. If necessary you can add one cup of water to make into a more fluid and liquid smoothie.


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