Simple and Healthy Snack Time Tips to-go #2

dates and coconut

You might recognize that feeling, around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, that need of a little something to eat! It’s still too early for dinner but you could definately use something to still that craving. For those moments I always carry some super simple and small, but also delicious and natural, snacks with me. Today I’ll share a few more simple and healthy snack time tips with you!

Bits ofcoconut!
Super yummy and super healthy as well! In the first place, coconut is high in fiber so great for a good digestion; it’s easy to digest and it’s saturating. A few bit of coconut will satisfy that craving until it’s time for dinner! Coconutmeat is super rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It’s also said that coconut has a anti-inflammatory fucntion and that it protects our body against bacteria and viruses.

Dates filled with almond butter.
Just like the coconut, dates are high in fiber. They’re naturally sweet so they’ll your craving for sweetness. Dates contain several vitamins and minerals such as kalium (good for your bloodpressure and muscle functioning), magnesium (needed for musclefunctioning as well. Good for the bones.)  and vitamin B6 (good for your healht, digestion, stimulates fatloss and gives you energy)The almond butter adds something savory to this snack, it tastes really good together with the dates! Almonds are high in vitamin E, also high in fibers and of course some healthy fatties!

Extra tip: Take a bit of cucumber, cut in half horizontally. Scrape out the seeds by using a spoon and cut the remaining part into small cubes. Mix the cucumber with some almondbutter and use this to fill the dates! A lovely sweet, fresh and savory combo!

In search for more ideas? Take a look at my post Simple and Healthy Snack Time Tips to-go #1!

dates with almondbutter


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