Forestfruit and Chocolate Banana-Icecream

A big love to banana’s and to icecream! Today’s breakfast was one of the endless variations to banana-icecream; Forestfruit and Chocolate flavoured icecream topped with beepollen, mulberries and some cherries.


Here’s how you make it!

Freeze 2 bananas (peeled and chopped into pieces) overnight. First, blend half of the bananas with a handful of forestfruit with a squeeze of agavesyrup and a splash of almondmilk into a creamy and smooth icecream (I use a little almondmilk to make everything easier to mix for the blender. within a few seconds the bananas have transformed into an awesome icecream!). Second, blend the rest of the banana together with a spoonful of raw cacaopowder and another splash of almondmilk in a creamy and smooth icecream as well. Serve the icecream in a glass or bowl and top wit a spoonful of beepollen and a scoop of mulberries.


All natural and pure!

Enjoy ♥



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