Kitchen Coolness: Spiralizer!

Let me introduce you my latest Kitchen Coolness Gadget; the Spirelli Spiralizer by Gefu!


What is it? This gadget can be used to cut elongated vegetables, such as zucchini and carrots, into long, small ‘spaghetti’ strings!

How does it work? The Spirelli works like a pencil sharper. You put the elongated vegetables into the one side of the spirelli, then turn it round and round, just like you would do when sharpening a pencil, and the veggies come out as small, long, strings!


Does is work well?  Of course you can make vegetable spaghetti without a spiralizer and cut it by hand, but with a spiralizer it goes really quick and easy! It’s also much safer for your hands and fingers. The spirelli is also easy to clean under a running tap, but it’s also dishwasser proof, which is a big pro I think.

Price. Personally I think the spirelli is a bit expensive for what it is; a large pencilsharper for veggies in the form of a plastic and RVS holder with some blades. But to be honest I don’t want to miss it anymore, so in the end it’s worth the price for me.

I promise you I’ll post some vegetable spaghetti recipes soon, but in the meantime you can take a look a the links below for some inspiration!

I bought mine online on  (€20,99)

Pictures from


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