REVIEW – Flip-Belt

Always struggling where to keep all your belonings while running, such as keys, phone, ipod/mp3 and maybe even snacks or gells for longer runs? Of course there is the small pouch at the back of the most running shorts, but personaly I’m not very font of that wobbly feeling above my butt…  Of course there’s the band you can wear around your arm, but I’m not very font of that feeling either… I found a great solution: the Flip-Belt!


The Flip-Belt is a spandex belt you can wear around your hips. It has a few openings where you can shove in your accessories such as your phone and keys. There is also a clip to safely secure your keys. Once everything is in the belt you just flip it over so that the openings are one the inside and you’re good to go!

I wondered if everything would realy stay in place just like they promise on the website and I must confess: It does! No wobbly feeling and your belonings stay right in place just where you’ve put them.

The Flip-Belt can be ordered in several fashionable colors to match your running outfit. Make sure you take a good measurement to order the right size!

You can order your own Flip-Belt for €26,95 / $28,99 online at /


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