Three Blogs to Follow

For my recipes I’m inspired by different cookbooks, but also by several blogs. I like peeking around on the internet in search for new, delicious and creative recipes. Mostly healthy of course and some a little less healthy… Let me introduce you to three of my favorite blogs!

  1. Naturally Meghan. Meghan is a 19-year old girl, living in the UK. She’s an ethical vegan and shares delicious and beautiful looking recipes on her blog! Of course all recipes are vegan which means they are all totally  free of any animal products! You should definately take a look at her pretty pancake piles.
  2. Sugarless Sweets by Maxime Lobbe. Maxime is an 18-year old Nutrition student from the Netherlands! With her blog she’s inspiring people to step outside the box and try something different and to be creative! Many of her recipes are vegetarian/vegan and they are always free of refined sugars! Totally in love with her dessert-recipes!
  3. LiveLoveEatRaw. I discovered LiveLoveEatRaw via Instagram. Her pictures are so lovely, colorful and bright! Would love to dig in to every food-picture she posts! Take a look at the blog and you’ll understand what I mean…


Picture from LiveLoveEatRaw

Are you writing your own foodblog as well? Please leave a comment below, I love to get to know new foodblogs! ♥


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