Homemade Granola / Crunchy Muesli

I really like a crunchy granola. Some granola on top of a bowl of yoghurt or a smoothie makes a quick and delicious breakfast. Just a few scoops out of the package and you’re done. Unfortunately the granolas you can buy in the store are loaded with refined sugar, all kinds of additives and artificial flavourings. When you take a look at the label you’ll find a whole list of ingedrients and I have no idea how to pronounce half of them or what they look like.

Time for a homemade crunchy granola! This granola not only tastes great (and crunchy!), it’s made with only 6 ingredients and it’s ready in one hour!

Look down below for the recipe!


Homemade Granola / Crunchy Muesli

  • 50 gr Dates
  • 70 gr Oat Flakes
  • 30 gr Quinoa Flakes
  • 85 gr mixed Nuts
  • 25 gr Pumpkin Seeds
  • 3 tbsp Rice syrup (can be replaced by honey, datesyrup, agavesyrup)
  • Optinal: few drops of Rose Essence

Directions: Boil the dates in a little amount of water until soft. Blend into a paste by using a handmixer. Grind the nuts into smaller chunks (I used a foodprocessor for this, with the pulse-button). Add all ingredients to a baking tray and mix well. Put in the oven for 15 minutes at 150 degrees celcuis. After 15 minutes, mix well and put back in the oven. Turn the temperature down to about a 100 degrees celcius and bake the granola for another 30-40 minutes, until dry and crunchy.

Let the granola cool down and store in an airthight container and serve with some (goats) yoghurt and fruit, on top of a fruit salad, to sprinkle on top of a smoothie or banana-icecream… Just a grasp out of all the possibilities for this yummy homemade granola!


I added some crunchy granola to a bowl of Happy Healthy Chocolate Mousse.



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