REVIEW – Look Better Naked! by Michelle Promaulayko and Maura Rhodes

Time for a new review! Not just a cookbook this time, but more of a 6-week plan to a more fit and thighter body. This 6-week plan focusses mostly on food and exercise, but there’s room for mental health and beauty tips as well. I’ll share my thoughts on “Look Better Naked!” with you today.

mooierfit1You’ve probably heard of the magazine ‘Mens’s Health’, well, there’s a female version as well: Women’s Health! And they published this ultra thick magazine called “Look Better Naked!” (For the Dutchies: Mooier Fit!)
Every once in a while I buy a copy of the Women’s Health Magazine and I like reading it, so I was very curious about this special. But to be honest with you, I was slightly disappointed when I first browsed the book. I had expected it to be a little more ‘glamorous’ maybe…


The Authors. Look Better Naked! is written by Michele Promaulayko, who is the editor of Women’s Health USA, and Maura Rhodes,  a freelance journalist who is specialized in health, fitness and nutrition.

mooierfit3 mooierfit5 mooierfit6

The Book. The book comes as a paperback model and because of the look of the cover and the size of the book (21×26 cm) it has the look of a really thick issue of a magazine. And well.. That’s about right, isn’t it?
It starts with an introduction in which the author pleas for more self esteem; women should love their own body and be able to feel sexy! For every week of the ‘program’ she gives you tips and ideas that will support you towards more self esteem and getting in touch with your own (naked) body.

There is a six-week eating plan in the book. For every day of the week you’ll find a menu: breakfast, snack, lunch, post-work out snack and a diner. These menu’s will provide you approximately 1500 kcals a day **
The menu’s are varied and composed of mostly fresh ingredients. There are no recipes in the book, that’s a minus to me. Many of the dished don’t require a recipe, but the ‘Marinara sauce’ is mentioned a few times in the mealplans and I would like to know how I can make my own, with fresh ingredients, instead of a storebought version out of a jar.

The biggest part of the book is taken by the work out plans. There are two three-week plans, which both are divided in a Work Out A and a Work Out B, which you can alternate. And there are adjusted work outs for a few zones such as arms & shoulders and legs & buttocks. The exercises do require a little equipment, such as a yogamat, steps/box and weights. Some of the equipment is easily replaced by materials you probably have around at home, but you can do the exercises at a gym if you don’t have the required equipment. The exercises are in the form of a circuit and the book gives you a very good visualisation of how to do the exercises by clear step-by-step photographs.

mooierfit4  mooierfit7

The book didn’t really provide me any new information, but I’m very font of the work out plans which help me to structure my own work outs better and I use them in my own work outs regularly. The meal plans I only use for inspiration to make own meal plans, but I don’t follow them step by step. There are a few helpfull comments on portion size as well.

** This is my personal estimation

Practical Information
Title: Look Better Naked!
Dutch Title: Mooier Fit!
Authors: Michele Promaulayko and Maura Rhodes
Publisher: (Dutch) Bruna Uitgevers B.V. , Utrecht
ISBN: 978 94 005 0459 2

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