Sweet Tomato Soup with Chicken and Glass Noodles

Besides a smoothie addiction I have an absolute weakness for SOUP! You could probably wake me up in the middle of the night for a bowl of hot soup. And yes, I think soup is best served hot!

I often make a huge pot of soup on a sunday afternoon and take the soup with me to work as lunch for the next two days. So easy, in the morning I just poor it in my Bento Box Container and my lunch is ready. One of my favorites is my Mexican Black Bean soup, full of flavour! But I also like variation and I don’t want to make the same dish too often, so here’s another soup for you: Sweet Tomato Soup with Chicken and Glass Noodles. I think this is a soup that even my dear husband would like! πŸ˜‰ The poor thing doesn’t like onions (or onion-like veggies, such as leek), unfortunately for him (or for me..?!) I really like onions and I use them very often in all kinds of dishes!

In this recipe I used onions as well, but I blended the soup very fine, so I think he won’t notice that there’s onions in it, shhhhh don’t tell him!! πŸ˜‰


Sweet Tomato Soup with Chicken and Glass Noodles

  • 2 chicken filets
  • 2 cans of peeled tomatoes
  • 1 small can of tomato puree
  • 2-3 heaping tbsp of applesauce
  • 2 handsful of glass noodles
  • 2 gloves of garlic (pressed)
  • 2 large onions
  • 2 tsp of ginger powder
  • 1,25 l of chickenstock
  • 1 tbsp of flour (you can use a glutenfree flour, such as buckwheat if you prefer glutenfree)
  • 3 spring onions

Bring a pot of water to the boil and boil the chickenfilet for about 10 minutes, or until cooked well. Drain and let the meat cool down a bit. Heat a little oil or butter in a big soup pot and fry the onion with the garlic. Add the tomato puree, a little splash of water, the flour and the ginger powder. After 5 minutes add the cans of peeled tomatoes, the chickenstock and the applesauce. Boil for about 10 minutes, take the pot from the fire and blend the soup using a handmixer. Taste. If you prefer the soup more sweet you can add some more applesauce of a tbsp of sugar. Put the pot back on the fire and add the glassnoodles. In the meantime, cut the chickenfilets into small pieces and add to the soup.

Garnish with spring onion rings.


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