REVIEW – Natuurlijk! Elke dag echt eten. by Anne Marie Reuzenaar

Time to finaly review this lovely cookbook by Anne Marie Reuzenaar! It’s been standing on my bookshelf for a while now and I’m regularly cooking some of it’s recipes. Let me tell you some more about it!


The Author.

“Natuurlijk! Elke dag echt eten” is written by Anne Marie Reuzenaar, a Dutch ortomoleculair nutrition expert. Anne Marie is an ambassador for the use of fresh and natural ingredients! You can read some more about her at her website:

The Book.

The book comes as a packerback model and counts 239 pages. It starts with an introduction into the human diet and how that’s changed over the past decades. Anne Marie states that this change has a big influence to our health and she therefor promotes fresh and natural foods. No sugar, to reduce the intake of gluten, dairy and artificial products.

Chapter three is about food hypes and mythes. She’s is critical concerning several hypes and diet myths. What I think she does good is the fact that she looks at the matter from differents points of view and points out the advantages and disadvantages of several products such as dairy, soy and ‘superfoods’.

In chapter four Anne Marie tells about her ‘food philosophy’: natural and ‘real’ food and she gives us ten food- and lifestyle tips. Most of which sounds like an open door to be honest. It’s the things most of us allready know but nonetheless sometimes good to read once more!

Chapter five is a kidsspecial in which Anne Marie gives tips for the ones among us with children. For example how to produce your own babyfood as well as tips for the more grown up kids.

And then it’s time for a whole lot of yummy, awesome recipes with all natural ingredients! Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Personally, I’m totally in love with the autumn salad with sweet potato, feta cheese and mushrooms!


The layout is very clear and practical. First of all you can easily see wether a recipe is for example glutenfree, dairyfree, soyfree, etc. There’s a clear summary of ingredients and a convenient description of the preparation process, with an estimated time to prepare the dish. Not all the recipes are accompanied with a picture, but the pictures which are in the book look very appetizing!

One of my new favorite cookbooks!

Practical information:
Titel: Natuurlijk! Elke dag echt eten (Dutch!)
Author: Anne Marie Reuzenaar
Publisher: Kosmos Uitgeverij, Utrecht/Antwerpen
ISBN: 978 90215 5599 7, paperback, 240 pages



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