Green juice!

Since i’m pregnant I think it’s even more important to stay healthy. Unfortunately,  in the first 3 months of my pregnancy I was very tired and I noticed once again; when I am tired,  I turn to food…  A bad habit that I am determined to break up with!! (Because the foods that I turned to ons those moments were by far NOT the best choices….)

Well, I tried to fight the fatigue in a few different ways and I found out that giving in to it and going to bed early was the best solution!

On the second place I try to be make wiser choices when it comes to food; more fruit and veggies,  less meat,  candy, cookies and chips….

I unpacked my slowjuicer and made some juices with mostly vegetables and some fruit as well; let’s have ourselves a dose of vitamins!!  Not only my own body requires these vitamins, they are important for the development of the baby as well!

This green monster for example is made of a big load of spinach,  which contains a high dose of iron. Good to fight my fatigue,  but even more important for the (brain) development of the little one inside of me!

What you need (makes about 1 l.)
Big bag of fresh and washed spinach
Half a pineapple
3 green kiwi’s
6 stalks of celery
1 chicory
Few stalks of basil
Few stalks of parsely

A slowjuicer!

Chop everything in smaller bits and process with the slowjuicer. Store in a bottle and keep it cool in the fridge!



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