REVIEW – In Love With Health, by Lisa van Cuijk

Lately I’ve been expanding my book collection, and ‘In Love With Health’ is one of my latest purchases!


The Author.

I have been following Lisa van Cuijk for a while on Facebook and Instagram  and I like the way she promotes healthy eating and active living. In the first part of the book she shares a bit of her own story; she was unhappy with herself and decided to change things! She wasn’t eating healthy and actually quite skinny and still not happy with the way she looked en felt. Eventually she decided that she needed help, went to therapy and changed the way she lived and looked and herself. Later, she started an online platform: “In Love With Health” as an enthusiastic foodie and shared her recipes. She also developed a program, called “the Slimming Body Guide”, a program with daily menu’s and an excercise program.

The Book.

The book is sold as a 219-paged, hardcover edition. The book is well styled and looks quite pretty in my opinion.

The first two chapters are about Lisa and how she developed her Slimming Body Guide and books and about the importance of self-acceptance.

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Chapter 3 is about the Slimming Body Method and gives some information about nutrients and explains how a day with the Slimming Body Guide is composed followed by seven daily schedules, a shoppinglist and some tips & trics.

The next chapter is called “the Slimming Body Lifestyle” which is about the importance of rest, relaxation, excercise and ‘guilty pleasures’. Lisa advises a combination of cardio and weight training.

Now we have arrived to the recipe chapter! That’s what I always like best in books! 🙂 Because much of the background information in many books isn’t ‘new material’ to me and I buy the books mainly for the inspiration of new recipes.
The recipes in “In Love With Health” are sorted in the following order; smoothies, snacks (10-uurtje), lunch, snacks (4-uurtje), diner and snacks. As you can see, Lisa promotes eating at multiple moments a day, after every few hours.

I like it that Lisa doesn’t eliminate any foodgroups. There are vegetarian recipes, but recipes with meat, fish, eggs etc. as well. But all recipes are made with natural ingredients and are quite easy to prepare. The photos of the recipes are well styled and look tasty, and the lay-out of the recipes is clear and consistent for all the recipes. A book that will come down from the shelf quite often for new inspiration!

Practical Information.

Title: In Love With Health (book is written in Dutch!)
Author: Lisa van Cuijk
ISBN: 9789082470208
Price: €24,95 (hardcover, 219 pages)



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