New Born Fit Mama!

During my first pregnancy I gained quite a bit of weight, unfortunately… A part of that weight disappeared right after giving birth (the weight of the baby, placenta, etc.), but I still had a few kilo’s extra compared to my weight before the pregnancy.

I must admit that my diet wasn’t always that healthy and I probably ate too much. But as a newborn mommy it isn’t always easy to find the time (or energy!) to cook healthy meals.

But after a while I was getting tired of those extra kilo’s and it was time for a change!

That was easier said than done… Often I started my day very well to fall back into back habits later on. I needed some help! And that’s when I decided to join New Born Fit Mama; a 12 week programm to get a good insight in your eating habits and of course changing them! It also includes workouts and I have an weekly online session with the coach.

Since I’m now 17 weeks pregnant with number 2, my focus is not losing weight, but trying to gain as less kilo’s during this second pregnancy as possible and eating healthy food! Of course I also do the workouts to stay as fit and strong as possible!

How do I want to achieve my goals?

  • Keeping track of my eating habits by registering everything in an app.
  • Eating enough fruit (3-4 pieces) and vegetables (>250 grams) a day.
  • Making healthy choices (mainly fresh and unprocessed foods) and avoiding fastfood, cookies, etc.
  • Doing the NBFM workouts and getting enough excercise besides the workouts.
  • I am allowed to have one cheatmeal every week.

And once baby 2 has arrived I hope to shed those extra kilo’s as fast as I can!

Let’s do this!

How did you get through your pregnancy? Did you gain a lot of weight or not?


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