Behind EefzKitchen you’ll find Eveline, a 31-year old female with an open and inquisitive mind. Who loves and enjoys all the pretty things in life. And there are quite a few!

I enjoy teaching children and working together with my colleageus to get the best out of every kid. It’s so wonderful to teach children new stuff and to guide them in their personal development. It’s absolutely true what they say; a day of a teacher is never the same!

Besides teaching I love nature. Wandering, taking pictures or just ‘being’ and to be amazed by all the beauty surrounding us.

‘Nature’ is also a big part of my vision on healthy living; doing sports, preferably outside in nature), but also natural nutrition.

I started this blog to share my (mostly pretty healthy and tasty) recipes with you and I hope you will feel inspired by it!  I want to show people that living a healthy lifestyle is not that difficult, time-consuming, expensive or dull as people might think it is. It’s also fun, yummy, super easyspeasy sometimes and creative. I hope I can inspire people to step outside their comfortzone once in a while and to try new things!
I also like to share the things I’ve learned in the past few years about having a healthy lifestyle and how a healthy diet and physical activity contributes to that. Please note that the things I write on my blog are my personal opinions; what I think is a healthy (and fun!) way of living.  Feel free to share your thoughts on the different subjects in the comments!

Me in a nutshell:
* Female * 31 * Married to mr. S * First babygirl on her way * Teacher * volleyball * Loves sports * Loves homemade * Loves reading * Loves baking  * Loves cooking * Caring * Philosopher * Mindful * Eager to learn * Handy at crafts * CoffeeLover *


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